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Default 6/12 mix game badugi i dont understand...

i was playing this 6/12 mix game at redrock casino in vegas

it was holdem, omaha hilo, razz, badugi, stud 8/b, 2-7 triple draw

so heres why you shouldnt play games you dont know

it goes raise i 3b 234rK
everyone else folds he calls

he draws one i draw one

he c/cs

we both draw i catch a 7

i have 2347r now

he c/rs me

i just call not understanding how good my hand is

he stands pat i stand pat

he checks i check

he flips A246 i flip 2347

i dont understand why i won

then he asks why i didnt draw

i dont think i understand this game at all


any help?
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