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Default Re: Up to 2 grand, Best Gaming rig available?

You dont need DUAL GFX right now, but buy a MOBO that supports SLI or Crossfire.

Cheaper 8800 (That support DX10) arrive soon, around the 12th

2GIG ram is fine, 4GIG is way to much.

1950Pro ATI card is pretty good right now for the price, prob best out interms of value for money. Obviously 8800 are best on the market, but the price reflects that SO WAIT FOR CHEAPER ONES.

I just bought components today,

Gigabyte S3, Intel coreduo 2.4GHZ(You could buy cheaper and OC though), 2GIG Gelil ram(You can get better stuff to OC even better though), 1950PRO ATI Radeon (Dual DVI and Crossfire supported)

All for 710, so around $1400.


Wait for DX10 cards (Cheaper 8800s out soon)
Go with 2GIG Ram
Buy a SLI or CRossfire supported(DUAL PCI-E) Mobo,
Decent PSU with correct voltages(I went with HIPER 580W)


[/ QUOTE ]

Excellent advice. Thanks for the tips!

I know absolutley nothing about overclocking... would that affect the temperature in the comp? Also, seeing as I know nothing, would it be prudent to not worry about OC'ing, and just go with the parts with the higher speed?

I'll be getting this system pretty soon as well. Thanks a bunch, you saved me some $ =D

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