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Default Re: POSTING IN THIS FORUM (new posters....please read before posting)

"simple 30/60 hands should not go here despite being 30/60."

no 30-60 hands should go here! this is high stakes. 30-60 is NOT high stakes. there are plenty of "simple" hands posted on here and some of them are high stakes (2-4, 3-6, whatever) simple is a very subjective term. saying "this hand or game played like a high stakes game" is ridiculous. you guys are botching this site when you say stuff like this.

the division is by stakes, not by perceived complexity of the problem. draw the line. just say no hands below 60-120 or 1-2 in here and no hands below 10-20 in the mid stakes and everything will be much more clear. as it is now it doesnt really make sense that the forums were divided.