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Default Ben Stein: XLF - Financial SPDR

I read an article on Yahoo Finance written by Ben Stein and he suggested buying XLF for the long-term. He basically said that investments do the best when people hate them, and the Financials aren't doing so hot lately.

I've been looking into buying some index funds/ETFs in my IRA since I have money just sitting there and was thinking about putting some in XLF.

Anyone have any advice? What about other areas to invest in? I was also looking into some Emerging Markets.

I'm 24 now, and have 7500 in my IRA. That will give me a good 40 years. I should have more money in there, but I haven't contributed to my IRA in a couple years because I don't have enough income to put it towards something I won't be able to get out of.
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