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Default Re: Calling a 3 bet in pozz - NL $50 6m

I really dont think you are deep enough for this. Ya there is a chance you rake in a 300bb pot...but when you do win its more likely going to be 220bbs or so. I would prefer this if there was a chance you could win this pot without the flop hitting you in the face. But with BB in the pot you have to play fit or fold poker...and that usually means you are going to be ~40% after the flop.

I guess I am saying that I dont like it because you aren't going to be able to make a play at the pot, and when you do make a hand you will still be a dog the majority of the time and you still wont make enough money when you do hit. I haven't done the math but I can't see this being +EV due to the fit or fold line you need to take here.
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