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Default Re: PSA: One line answers

Another point to consider for those who aren't too comfortable with that idea is that more elaborate answers might not only be beneficial to the original poster but also to the one who answers.

Whenever I feel like I can contribute to a hand history I try to be as elaborate as possible. If my advice is right, the original poster knows exactly why to play that way in that situation and might not only pick up the correct play but also the mindset behind it and be able to refine his playing style in case situations like the one he asked about might come up again. If my advice is wrong, on the other hand, more experienced posters have an easy time picking up the flaws in my explanation. Again, the original poster can see exactly why my suggested play is suboptimal and so can I. On top of that my answers can take up to 30 minutes to write and I reread them myself multiple times. This seems like overkill, but I think it's actually really beneficial to analyzing your play. Often I don't have the time to thoroughly analyze my own play at the tables, but with a posted hand I'm presented with a specific situation and allowed to take all the time I need to completely take it apart and focus on every single aspect. Of course this is a lot more work then "raise flop, shove turn", but at least for me it's a great way of improving by analyzing situations. Like a session review without being emotionally attached in a "I can't believe that fish called and hit his 2 outer" way.

Actually, the longer my posts are the more I feel like it was more help to me than to the original poster.