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Default Re: PSA: One line answers

I think AMA's totally right here. I'd love to post in this forum more, but the propensity of duders to just say "fold" and have that be it is remarkably counterproductive.

If its been covered already, don't post a one word repeat.
If the play is ridiculously stupid, don't post or else explain specifically why its stupid so that the op can see the error of his ways.

This forum suffers from avalanches of redundant or unenlightening one-word answers. I always make a note to specifically ask for no alternate line suggestions without reasoning because well, I get that a lot and it sucks.

I'll be posting more hands in the future. When I post I give all of my reads/thoughts in the hopes of getting back relevant analysis.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's seen an issue.