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Default Re: Heartland poker tour - Casino Del Sol - Tucson, AZ, 11-10 to 11-18

When I thnk of the word 'heartland', Tucson doesn't come to mind. But it would be a nice getaway in December or January. But in MN in Nov, I don't really want to go to a dump town like Tucson. It's not really a poker metropolis. I'd rather go to vegas and play a tourny at the Venetian instead.

[/ QUOTE ]

Even if you had a chance to appear on Television?

Personally, I think where the WSOP missed the boat on their Circuit events, is that they have never found someone else to televise those events, after their contract expired with ESPN for the WSOPCEs.

I've been to to two Heartland Poker Events (which I'm guessing, the name reflects where the event first started out, in the Heartland of the USA), and they really do put on a good showing, at least at the two I attended (Blackhawk (Denver), Colorado, and Deadwood, SD).

The money is good as well.

It's a good mid range event IMO, and the chance to be on TV, only adds to that mix.

The only time you can have the chance to be on TV in Vegas, is if the WPT is in town, or the end of the WSOP for a given year.

Just something to consider, if you are thinking of attending a HPT event.

P.S. BTW, we had many people who flew in from Vegas to the Blackhawk HPT event last month ... so Vegas must not have THAT big of an attraction, if these people were willing to come to Colorado, land of no fold 'em hold 'em, and even lesser reasons poker wise (for live action) because of the 5 buck max bet here, than Tucson has.

Any ideas on the age limits? I checked the rules but cant seem to find anything..

[/ QUOTE ]

I called the casino, 800-344-9435, and asked the operator, and was told that you have to be 21 yrs of age to play at their casino.
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