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Default Re: why does this forum care so much about religion

Theism is a problem in our world. Understanding how the mind of a theist works may allow us to deal more effectively with it. Even if it's just a matter of learning how to compromise with them to lessen the impact.

It's not a matter of winning converts from the committed, it's learning the attractions it has for the non-committed so the alternative of taking a rational approach to life is more open to them. What psychological need is being met by religion that can be addressed without the need to take on superstition and myth and how to provide something in it's place.

You're likely right about the 18ish age as getting ingrained, but it varies with the person and the depth of indoctrination. They're getting past the most questioning time of their life by then and if they haven't any doubts of any strength they're not likely to unless they have an adverse reaction to a bad experience. Late defection does occur but it'd be foolish to expect much turnover there.

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