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Default Re: Did this guy just put me to a decision?


What is your range to
-Call and play the flop with position?

[/ QUOTE ]

That's a big PF reraise...the worst hand I see him having here is TT or JJ. The biggest threat is that he has been 'unremarkable' and that this hasn't been a standard steal play for him, which makes me think he has a strong hand.

He raised more than a quarter of your stack. So I'm not a big fan of a call unless I have something powerful. I think it's a probably a push/fold situation, but a could get fancy with a big hand and call.

I'm sensing some serious strength, and based on the limited info on this player, you need to tighten up for this one.
-Call- QQ+
-Push- AK

If I'd seen him do this a few times before, then I'm pushing 99+ and AQ+.
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