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Default Re: Did this guy just put me to a decision?

...this is either a feeler semi-bluff, or a big hand (AA-TT, AQ+)...

[/ QUOTE ]

Well, that pretty much narrows it down to almost any hand all the way down to middle suited connectors.

Given your stack size:

call and see a flop - AQ, TT-77
push - JJ+, AK
fold - everything else

Didn't really spend a lot of time thinking about this, as I would probably tweak these ranges some, but given that your stack size is roughly 20xbb, I really hate being REraised here and now pretty much feel like I don't want to be put in the redzone or busto by any postflop activity, so here I'm either getting it allin preflop, on the flop or folding preflop or on the flop (unless I flop huge). I just don't see any room for turn or river play unless we think it can be checked down (which i hate also).
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