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Default FT- gettin pwned by CL

Party 33$ regular

5-handed at final table.
blinds 2k/4k ante 100

Hero: 170k
Villain: 416k

one absolut shortstack
one has 11 bb and one 20bb

ive pretty much been runnin over the table so far since villain won several big pots. From then, he 3-bet me almost every hand.
He always reraised this few and i always had to fold so far.
I really wanted to play the win here, i decided to play the bigstack....

Hero opens UTG w/ A8s to 10k
Villains reraises to 28k

i call

flop comes Ah9d6d i check, he bets 36k (62k pot), i call

Turn: Jd i check planning to give up, he checks.

River: 9c i bet 30k into 130k, he raises all in.....

Well, i know this hand has completely gone bad. Pf i should either push or fold, i guess.

flop c/r?
c/f, c/c river?

Villain is pretty good and i saw a decent chance im ahead, but i figured he would bluff me out of the pot a huge percentage if i check to him, so i deciced to make a block bet.

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