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Default Re: November \"I FORGOT MY MANTRA\" Low Content chit-chat thread

I had been thinking of things dictators or other self-serving maniacs would say or do, like Nixon's Outside Agitator's thread, or Stalin's Quantity Has a Quality of Its Own thread, or Hitler's The Lounge Solution thread, or Pinochet's The Disappeared Thread, or Westmoreland's Pre-Dawn Vertical Insertion thread, or Genghis's Salting the Earth thread, or Phillip Morris's The Science Isn't In Yet thread, or Tyson's Cartilage Chomp thread. You know, a thread where excessive formality or worries about content would be looted, peed on, burned to the ground, poked in the eye like a wayward Stooge, dissembled, sabotaged, and have its pets tormented. All for the betterment of humanity. It's not like we'll run out of villains or hypocrisies for the concept anytime soon, and thinking them up might be fun.

Or it might be too violent or whatever. Just a cute thought, I figgered.