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Default Re: Welcome to the Tournament Circuit ***READ BEFORE POSTING***

A couple additions to the sticky as follows:

First with a nod to the OOT sticky:

Rules that apply to all of Two Plus Two that are strictly enforced:

-Do not circumvent the profanity filter or post images that contain censored words.
-Do not post about or discuss bit torrents, peer-to-peer file sharing software or other methods of online piracy.
-Do not post links to hardcore porn. Images containing nudity must be REMOTELY LINKED, not posted inline. Potentially NSFW (not safe for work), non-nude images or threads must contain 'NSFW' in the title of the thread.
-'Trainwrecking' another user is forbidden. A 'trainwreck' occurs when you take information that is either publicly available or poorly guarded by another poster and use it for malicious or mischievous ends. Anyone taking part in a trainwreck will be banned.

Delayed Broadcasts

The WSOP is offering a pay per view package with delayed broadcasts including hole cards. In the event that a winner is leaked prior to the conclusion of the broadcast, it can only be posted in the pertinent thread in white with a spoiler notice. This is only fair to those who have paid for and are following the results of the broadcast.