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Default Re: 30/60 . AT flopping top two pair

i'm assuming you coldcalled the flop so you could raise the turn? that is okay sometimes, but usually you should just 3-bet there.

river is actually closer than people make it out to be. your kicker doesn't play anymore so the real question is could this guy have anything other than an ace here? i think its very likely he has QQ/JJ. would he call the river with those hands? the other portions of the time i think you are chopping a lot and occasionally going to be losing to AQ/AJ more than a frequent amount of time actually.

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How does he raise the flop with AJ, AQ and then check the turn with it?

Ok yeah, IT HAPPENS sometimes, but not wayy way too often.

As for him paying off with JJ, QQ, that happens pretty often. Sure not all the time, but often enough
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