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Default Re: Oh Noe! A vet posts an AA hand...and it has maths 4 u 2 do

well even though Ive got lots of hands against this guy it doesnt mean I have any that relate to this spot (im not at home so cant check PT). I would have to go and dig through hands where he has been to SD and look at them....BUT I can tell from this guys stats and betting standards (he doesnt get out of line) that his range is what i told you it is. furthermore, if it is wide than what I suggest it doesnt really matter because even if we add hands to his range it doesnt change the spade percentage.

What Im getting at, and if anyone else wants to agree/disagree with me then Im all ears, is that given his range I think his play can be predicted to the degree which ive eluded to in previous posts on this and I dont think I need a specific example to do it. Remember, he isnt lag he isnt tricky tag he is a tag who doesnt get out of line...if he did I would have a note on him to that effect but I dont (if I did I would have said so in OP).

Maybe Im just being pig headed but Ive done my best to put myself in this villians shoes and Im more convinced than ever that c/c > b/f >>>>>> c/f.

oh and to be clear, its not the 'bet' part of the bet/fold that troubles me...folding if raised is easy peasy.
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