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Default Re: To cap or not to cap.

The turn is a 2, I lead out and CO calls

[/ QUOTE ]
umm, given the flop action he, being an idiot, isnt folding any sort of made hand and you have K high [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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... and turn your hand face up if you check oop if a brick comes and you just capped the flop...

[/ QUOTE ]

True, however I'm wondering does it matter in this spot?

We are playing against a loooose semiaggro who just 3-bet raised flop. He probably isn't going to fold on the turn and chances are he's not going to fold on the river either.

Moreover, I think it is more likely he could raise costing us 1BB extra to see the river with K-high and a good draw.
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