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Default Re: NL50: VBet River with TPWK

Fold preflop please.

[/ QUOTE ]
Yeah, as much as I love floating OTB, K9s is a pretty [censored] hand. That's what a -35BB/100 session will do.

Who are you anyway? You just showed up here like a week ago and post a lot better than most people when they start here. YOu must have been been playing awhile.

[/ QUOTE ]
Yeah, tilt sucks. At least you won't make those kinds of mistakes under normal circumstances.

As for me, thanks for the compliment. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] I posted over on the Cardplayer forums for awhile, so I'm used to hand critiques. Started posting here because there's more traffic and it seems like the advice is better on average.
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