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Default Re: Changes to Bay Area NL games?

DMW's mini Bay Area Trip Report. C notes at bottom.

I was at artechoke Joe's this weekend. blinds 1-2-2 but first opener must make it at least 5 to go.

When I first came in they made do a Missippi straddle to get cards (which necessitated any openers make it 10 to go). I thought they made it up on the spot.

tight passive players, they seemed to know each other. wouldn't commit without top pair. most only bought in for 100$. 6$ per 30 min time charge.

So 'true nl' as in there was seemingl no limit as to the rules they could invent to take your money. I didn't think anyone other than the one big stack was actually winning. And I don't think his nitty ways would win in a long run with that much money coming off of the tables.

I endured for 90 min and went to play 3-6, which had a messed up rent in itself as 1$ pf was raked followed by 3$ on the flop. If the game was loose (usually was) then the rake wasn't so bad. But if the pot was say, 3-handed. then there was a nice 45% rake took hold.

CLIFF NOTES: Don't go.
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