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Default Membership Pricing And Money Back Guarantee

FREE Membership: Full access to blogs and public forums. Video access restricted to 3 minute demo versions of each video.

PREMIUM Membership (Monthly): $50 1st month and then $20 monthly. Unrestricted monthly streaming and downloading of the entire library of coaching videos. Access to the blogs and both Public and Private forums. Pay Pal or Visa/Mastercard accepted. Please note that as of November 1st the sign-up fee will be increasing from $30 to $69 (thus making the total price of the first month $89).

PREMIUM Membership (Prepaid *): Same priveledges as monthly membership above. Price for 6 mos is $150 (renewal price is $120) and for 12 mos is $270 (renewal price is $220). You receive a 7th or 13th/14th month FREE and you receive your choice of the following books FREE: (i)Winning In Tough Hold'em Games by Nick Grudzien, (ii) The Making Of A Poker Player by Matt Matros, or (iii) SitNGo Strategy Book by Collin Moshman.

* Prepaid memberships can be paid via a poker site transfer to player Stoxtrader on either Full Tilt or Poker Stars. If you prefer, you can make a Pay Pal transfer to kgrudzien[Insert AT Here] or a Neteller transfer to brparadis[Insert AT Here]

If you don't think that the videos helped your game, we will refund 100% of your money if you contact us requesting such within 7 days of when you sign-up, and we will only ask that you write us a quick description of the reasons you were unsatisfied with the site. No request for a refund will be refused.

You may sign up for a FREE or a PREMIUM account on Stoxpoker at: