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Default Re: Price of poker just went up!

To infinity and beyond!

Don't think about value in coaching in terms of x lessons for y dollars. Find a coach who you're comfortable with and make sure they have long-term plans. Ask them about other students and how they've helped them progress over time.

To generalize, though, the more lessons (assuming a competent coach), the better. The longer I coach someone, the more I get to know their game and the easier it is to see where their leaks are springing from and what the most effective ways of fixing them are. If you tell me during our first lesson you think you're too loose preflop, I can give you a list of starting hand ranges from each position to help you tighten up. If you tell me that and I look at that same problem after 10 hours, I can probably see exactly what positions you're being too loose from, the types of problems you're finding yourself in postflop because of that, and I can show you exactly why Q2s shouldn't be your favorite hand to play UTG.

Coaching is a big investment, though, so researching your coach beforehand is well worth the time and the effort. We'll be happy to answer your questions!

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I'm interested to see your next post and hopefully its strategy.
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