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Default Re: Price of poker just went up!

IMO you want a coach who will help you with achieving your goals, so you have to define what you want to accomplish. I ask students to write me a brief email talking about what they feel are their problems and what they want me to help them with. Then when we sit to play I still decide if they have some other problems they didn't mention, but try to focus on what they asked about.

For someone at your limits the biggest question I usually hear is "how do I deal with these guys at higher limits that play way LAGgier than me but seem to play tough postflop and win". I spend a lot of my time helping small to mid stakes winners get used to the increased aggression and tough LAGTAGs at higher stakes games.

About the amount to spend, well it depends on your own comfort levels, but you should find a coach that is experienced enough at the stakes you want to be playing to help you with the transition and his experience. I just saw KRANTZ make a good post in another thread here talking about coaching which I definitely agree with.

As with all things I think you get what you pay for, but always make sure you are comfortable that you feel you are getting proper value from your coach. There are a lot of good options out there and you have to be happy with the relationship.

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