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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan

I think its pretty sad that we essentially have to settle for a bunch of 2nd tier candidates. WTF, it's Michigan!

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There's the fundamental issue of institutional conservatism to deal with. I think the job is generally 'appealing' -- there's no reason a decent coach wouldn't come here.

But there aren't a whole lot of coaches who the Athletic Department would consider a good "fit" here. Some schools with Michigan's resources would probably try to drive a truck full of money up to Spurrier's or Stoop's doorstep and convince them to come; not Michigan. That's obviously not how the AD operates (Beilein hire sort of excluded). Some school's would look past the questionable issues on Brian Kelly's resume. Apparently, not Michigan. There's a finite amount of coaches who are proven winners at the collegiate level and who are compatible with what the AD are looking for. Unfortunately, none of them are particularly "sexy". The Detroit News Michigan beat writer listed the probable top-5 candidates, and that list includes Jim Grobe, Tom O'Brien, and Gary Pinkel. Yaaawn. Martin said his ideal candidate would be to clone Lloyd. But I agree with you: if our list is Ferentz, Grobe, O'Brien and Pinkee, we may as well just see if Lloyd's available to rehire, because these guys are 2nd or 3rd tier at best.

Obviously the day's Miles drama + OSU getting into the national title game + realization we don't have any great Plan B's after Miles + basketball team losing to Amaker's Harvard team = bad night, so maybe I'm overly pessimistic right now. The day's action also probably means Michigan is headed to the Cap One bowl (good), but it also means we're probably going to play Florida (bad). I assume we're something like 2 TD dogs in that matchup.
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