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Default Re: ***Official Fantasy Football Sit \'Em/Start \'Em Thread - November**

What do you have AP/LT on your team or something. In most leagues he's top 15 in scoring at the position, eventhough he splits carries.

[/ QUOTE ]

Well Addai has been my #1 all season

LJ, Bush, Grant, Barber,Jordan, Jacobs have been my other RBs. Pretty much every week I felt I had a better matchup with one of my other backs. First LJ, then Jordan, Jacobs, Bush, and plan on using Grant next week. The only week it didnt work out for me was last week. Barber has been a top 15 back all season, but has been inconsistent in points. Generally every week I have a better back matchup than Barber (this week I've thought about using him.) There has only been 2 weeks he has produced better numbers than my #2rb I played, and one week it was by 1 pt (except for the 1st 3 weeks were I had LJ as my #2 since I spent my 2nd pick on him.)

In 64's post I would probably play Barber.
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