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Default Re: Marketing - how many people DON\'T fall for simple tricks?

I have a BBA in marketing (which ive dont nothing with) and I always thought like you- who the [censored] would pay for this [censored] etc)
But keep one thing in mind:
People are [censored] stupid!
Plain and simple.

I remeber in one class I had the professor was talking about
a time he was commisioned to do all of marketing for all of the fund raisers for an entire school district. He should us what sorts of changes he made to the mailings, fliers etc. Basically the kinds of things he did still wouldnt have made me donate money. Its still just crap that i would throw out right away. But he said that he significantly increased the ammount of donations they received and didnt increase the marketing expenses by much. So this [censored] does work. Same reason Pepsi will spend 3 million for an ad during the superbowl.People are [censored] stupid.
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