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Default Marketing - how many people DON\'T fall for simple tricks?

Just got an email from some business I once purchased a RAM module from. Great Presents for the Holidays! <blah blah blah memory products>. (Dutch present-giving holiday coming up). Airlines do the same thing. Special to Dubai/Tokyo/Afghanistan this week! Gee I wasn't planning on it but that just sounds tooo good to pass up!

This type of thing pisses me off to no end. I don't get mails like that very often, and I can't really blame them for trying to establish a customer base. But I personally don't give a [censored] about newsletters and crap like that. Here's how I make purchases: first comes the realization that I need something, and then I go find the best/cheapest I can find.

I will read product reviews, but NOT testimonials on their own web site. I will not even read the FAQ if it includes 'Why should I buy your product?'. I will not fall for catch phrases and [censored]. In fact, the more happy faces I see on their site, the less likely I am to buy their product. Bonus Alt-F4 points if they display a group consisting of exactly one of each race. But I digress.

My point/question:

Obviously I am not the ideal audience for 99% of the marketing tricks that exist in this world. Being swayed by anything other than the merits of a product itself makes me feel like a huge sucker.

But are there many others like me? I would assume that most on these forums share my opinion
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