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Default Re: deeeeep 50-100, 2 part heads up hand.

if he has A6 or a three I don't see him going for a double c/r here. After all I assume he's not THAT tricky and can't possibly think you'd bet the turn right? He'd certainly go for value vs you're Ax. Given that he goes for thin value checkraises (range weighted more towards ace lower kicker than anything that beats you) you need to bet a little more than 1/2 pot say 2200, call a c/r and call the river. If he flats the turn then bet the river same %.

If you had AJ I'd check, AQ is close depending on his 3bet preflop frequency.

another thought is that if he was in fact bluff c/ring the flop then you aren't getting a dime more anyway so there's another reason to bet.
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