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Default Re: Can we just get preflop out of the way? part I

1. Assuming weak tight means he isn't going to be raising much utg other than pp & AK-AJ. I'd 3bet TT+ & AK, call with loads of sc stuff, pps, AQ. Floating almost any flop which I get a part of - we're 200 deep and he doesn't double barrel!

2. Not sure about this one. I don't really like shoving because I don't think we get much value from it, I like calling and crai when he's a bit more comitted on the flop and we have more of an idea of our hand strength. If he's 40bb and super agro there is no rush to get his stack, it'll come when it's ready.

3. Folding lots here. I'll rarely 4bet prefering to raise his cbet with position. Calling I'd probably say JJ+ AQ+, and a mixture of 4betting and calling with AA/KK.
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