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Default I know I\'m beat... I call?!?

This is a concept I've been thinking about a ton recently and reading this thread I saw these two posts which confirm my suspicions that I am not alone.

I call but would be in the mildly to moderately surprised camp if I was good.

[/ QUOTE ]


1) Don't see how you can fold
2) Don't see how he's showing you a hand you're beating

Somehow that makes sense to me...

[/ QUOTE ]

I know that these kinds of thoughts go through my head fairly often when playing and it seems almost invariably when I think them I'll end up calling and being shown a winner. I guess it comes down to your instincts and listening to them. My problem is that I'm more apt to listen to my instincts when they say "he wouldn't do this with a hand that beats you, call" than when they say "he wouldn't do this with a hand you beat, fold", and the real trouble happens when my brain says both of these things at once.

So I guess my question is how do we combat this problem? Is there some way to focus in on your instincts and make sure you are listening to them for the right reasons? I know that perfect poker isn't possible and that your instincts can't be right all the time, but how do we balance our instincts with our brain and not spew? These probably aren't the right questions to ask but I'm sure this is a concept that plagues all poker players at one time or another so let's see where this discussion goes...
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