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Default Re: NL 25 - 20k stats checkup - comments appreciated


long time no talk sorry i missed your IM, i was in class, hope boston is working out well for ya [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img], GO pats, close game last night

anyways, as you've known, i'm not a big guy on stats, so i am not too sure about all these but i did find a few spots on top of what everyone has already said:

your Went to Showdown seems kinda low, i would classify you as weak tight if i saw you at my table (at NL25 or NL50 i don't really mind this, everyone is playing so bad and no one ever exploits weak tight anyways)

otherwise i think this is solid at NL25 (never really played NL 25 and haven't played NL50 in a long time, but i think i can still judge)

i don't think it's really necessary to loosen up as everyone said, the point of loosening up is to give up a smaller mistake PF and induce a worse mistake Post flop from your opponents, but at this level your opponents are making such big mistakes anyways there isn't too much of a point to loosen up...

also i would like to remind you to value overcards less OOP on flops than in limit poker,

otherwise congrats on beat this game for 5 ptbb/100, move up to NL50 plz :-p

IM me if you need anything
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