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Default Re: Can we just get preflop out of the way? part I

To be clear about the 5/10 rule:

You have an easy call if you have any sort of drawing hand if it's less than 5% of effective stacks when you are IN POSITION... this very, very important point seemed to be lacking in the posts I saw about this (or at least it really isn't emphasised enough). It's a fold if more than 10% of effective stacks, and a judgement call when between 5% and 10%


1) A TAG who will stack off with top pair raises from UTG the equivalent of 10% of the effective stacks, it's folded to me and I'm OTB, what do I do?
With any PP, I call (but only because he is capable of stacking off with top pair...if there was any doubt, I'd fold at 10%).
With Axs or SC, I fold.

Same again, but this time it's about 8%? I do the same.

Same again, but this time it's 7% and he gets 2 callers with decent stacks? I probably call with Axs and maybe some non-dominated SCs and suited gappers like T9s-54s.

Same again (early 10% raise, no callers), but this time I'm in SB? I fold pretty much everything except AA and KK. Why? Because a decent TAG will put on the betting brakes if he gets called to a decent bet on the flop a lot of the time. It's way harder to stack him from OOP, so therefore calling his 10% is -EV.

Same again but it's 5% and no callers (or 1 or 2, in this case). I call with any PP, Axs, 54s+,64s+, 76o+,86o+ if I'm OTB. In CO, I'm not calling with unsuited connectors, but I'll call with the rest of these hands. I fold virtually all of these in the SB and BB, even with 2 callers.

Why? Because I lose position, I lose a ton of extraction potential (with either a made hand, or in terms of bluffing).
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