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Default Re: This forum really needs to go into the NL Forum

Its a pity that there is so little traffic in this forum. In its early days there were some great discussions here, and there still are some, but they develop very, very slowly.

It may be an advantage to have a NL forum which isnt as crowded as the regular ones. Im lurking in those regular Forums. As an ambitioned but not experienced NL player i find it difficult to separate the trash from the matters among all those posts. Its just too much there. Here, unfortunately, its too little. Alobar and Surf are great, Sushiglutton is asking inspiring questions, but thats about it (sorry to those i overlooked, forgot or didnt understand).

In my opinion this forum is in need of regular contributors who will not end every post with the disclaimer that actually they are not sure what they are talking about. That's a problem we all have, that's why we are here. This has the potential to be a popular place where this strange game of NL can be explored.

After studying some of the most viewed threads I had decided to put my first NL posts in here. I still feel that some of my stupid questions should not be asked in the regular forums - but Im looking for answers. So I will start posting hands there now, although I am not happy with it because i feel that with some of my problems Ill be at the wrong place.

It may be a good idea to put this forum into the NL forums. Maybe it would also be helpful to not exclusively adress FL players changing to NL. Why not give it a more general name, "NL explorers" for instance? This would adress people who have gained experience in other forms of poker, have a certain understanding of the game, a 4- or 5-digit bankroll and do not need to start in the microlimits.
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