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Default 4 buy in challenge

k, I've got a couple of hours here and I need to be a little motivated to play.

Back in limit land we did a fun little thing called the 15bb challenge in which we'd play a limit at smaller than normal stakes, then move up the moment we hit 15bb for the next level.

I'm going to adapt this a bit for 6max NL and give it a go. My guidelines:

move down at 2 BI for current level.
move up at 4 BI for next level.
two tables max.
jump tables instead of reloading after beats.
start new tables at move up levels.
start at $25 NL
no more moving down at $10 nl, move up or busto
cash out if I beat the $200 level.

tonight i'll play until 11:30 central.
If I've survived, I'll pick up the challenge again in my next session.

guruman on Stars. let us gogogogogogo.

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