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Default Re: Do you think dogs get lonely?

All you dog owners are saints - too much work for me, what with the walks and the poo and the cleaning up of the poo and the occasional or regular bark-a-thon. I've never understood why people have to be "dog people" or "cat people". They're each awesome in their own way, but I will say the most awesome dogs are usually awesomer than the coolest cats because of all they can bring to the table.

Still, it's remarkable to me that cats are generally hard-wired to know to find and use litter. Dogs never figure this out and it takes children a few years to not crap themselves. It's also remarkable how quickly my cats figured out mirrors - it's like they weren't even phased and instantly recognized themselves. Huh.

If dogs do get lonely, now I feel extra badly about all the ones penned in at the pound. I never considered that a no-kill shelter had negative ramifications until this was mentioned.
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