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Default Re: Do you think dogs get lonely?

I have a Boston Terrier that turns 7 tomorrow. I was never big on the crating while Im gone thing. Im trying to remember how it all started though as I didnt leave him with free reign right away.

I think it started with the crate, then I just kept him in the bathroom, then alone in the house if I was going to be gone a short period of time and gradually increasing his responsibility until he had no restrictions

im pretty sure he just sleeps on the couch all day, but at least he has the option to move to a cool spot

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Yeah this is sort of what I'm thinking too cpitt. I'm thinking I would start the dog in a crate but gradually get to where I allow him to roam about. Once when I was watching my boyfriend's dog I left for work. I came back a few minutes later because I forgot something and I found the big guy laying on his back on my couch with his feet in the air! I was like "You have got some nerve mister!". He knows he's not allowed on my couch because he doesn't have a pleasant odor. He sort of slunk off and went and laid down on the carpet giving me those guilty dog eyes.

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Your story is a great lead in to something I wanted to get across in my reasoning for not crating him/her.

I remember when I first went to college and all the freshman kids were going nuts partying. Now there were two kinds of people, the ones that could handle it and the ones that couldnt. The ones that couldnt always seemed to be the ones that had strict parents in high school.

I tried to take the same approach when I got my dog. I had no previous experience with dogs, but I wanted to give him responsibility so he wouldn't act a fool in situations where I couldn't control him 24/7.

I would venture to guess that if your dog had no freedom when you are not around, it might be more willing to take off given the chance. Twice Ive had times where I didnt see my dog for a bit and went downstairs to check for him and noticed the door was blown open by the wind. Both times he was within 25 feet of my front door and had probably had been outside for 15-30 minutes in a busy apartment complex setting.

Im not so sure if he were constantly caged it wuld have had teh same result
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