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Default Re: Lecture to Math Club on Tuesday--Any Feedback Appreciated

What is your target audience? Are you assuming that your audience knows how to play poker, or not? If there is a chance that some do not know how to play poker (even if they think they do), then you may need to give a basic introduction.

Your examples don't really have the correct poker information. AQ and AK could easily be the best hand, while you are counting them as draws. The implied odds section incorrectly says that you will rarely have the pot-odds to call; you often do, when you are calling because you think you have the best made hand, or when you have a combination draw. The set-mining example is incorrect, since you often lose or do not get paid off when you hit a set, so you need much better implied odds than 10:1 to call for set value alone. The continuation bet example assumes you lose if you check behind, which is wrong. Your river example included pot odds, even though you said it didn't.

As a mathematician, I'd present different material than you would, but I suggest you think about what you want to accomplish in this presentation a lot more. You aren't going to teach anyone how to play poker well.

I suggest taking some simple examples, and nail them. You might try something like the Sklansky Chubukov numbers, or a simple model of bluffing, or using the independent chip model in a SNG.
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