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Default Re: No Sweating Rule

A: Is this a rule anywhere else? Is their any logical reason why it would be in place?

B: See, as someone who has dragged his girlfriend to several poker rooms (and she is a trooper) sometimes I enjoy her sitting behind me, and I'll show her my cards... But I won't hold them up high or anything, just flash them in a manner that they are protected from everyone else but her and I.

C: It keeps her interested, keeps me in the game, and has no bearing on the action.

D: Bear in mind I'm doing this is low-limit games. I would not take her to the table when I'm playing "real" poker (2/5NL or higher) because I do understand that on some level, it is bad form to do so. Not only that, but I need to focus more on the table, not on [censored].

[/ QUOTE ]

A: I wish it were the rule EVERYWHERE. Is their any logical reason it should NOT be in place?

B: You may be the world's best "card flasher", but there are others who aren't as careful. Best to not show cards to anyone. One man, one hand. Less potential for problems.

C: Show her the penny slots if she's bored.

D: On some level, at least, you realize there are problems with showing your cards to others. As far as I'm concerned, whether it's $.01/$.02, or $400/$800, or for matchsticks, it's all "real" poker. Any chance she would like to sit in and play herself?

I was in the 2:00am tourney at Binion's once, where the floor refused to let a lady-friend of Gavin Smith sweat him. He protested mildly to no avail.

His solution? He bought her in, even tho she knew nothing about the game. She lasted quite awhile, even managing to bust a couple of people from the tourney.

If the stakes are so low that it's not "real" poker for you, stake her into the game. It would have to more entertaining than the limited interaction of simply sweating you.
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