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Default Re: small stakes-facing blind bets from button and SB, when I\'m UTG

I'm a little lost on the action. Did you limp? some other limpers and then button raises in the dark to $5? And then sb calls the $5, in the dark also?

If so, with a $25 stack I push. I make them look at their cards right now. I'm not giving a cheap shot to outflop me by just calling. Not too mention the x number of players who might also come along since the pot is looking to big to fold.

So you call making the pot $15 and leaving yourself with $20. Now what do you do with that flop if the sb leads out for $10? If you call here you might as well throw in the other $10 too.

Pushing preflop relieves you of a tough postflop decision. This is one of the advantages of a short stack.
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