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Default Re: How to build credit

Yawn. Poor people want to scam credit card companies. I hope they donate money to charity or something else equally idiotic at the same time.

As an aside. I have some legit questions to help understand this better.

1) What exactly happens if you try that overpay thing and they don't like it? I think Meteron (?) mentioned his CC didn't like him overpaying. Do they just not accept it? Refuse it? Is all that happens they're just like "You can't do that" or does the 2nd company find out that you're scamming them?
2) Can someone explain to me more how your credit score and income are related to put together the amount of CCs you can get?

[/ QUOTE ]

More middle-class and wealthy people do app-o-ramas than poor people. That should be really obvious. Also, you must hold a weird definition of scam. The credit card company is GIVING you 0% on all balance transfers. Do you understand that they are a business? They make money by offering [censored] like that and know 99% of people don't even know what an app-o-rama is or will fail at it. If the credit card companies were being hurt, they would stop handing out 0% or create more conditions. What don't you understand about that?

1) Not sure where overpaying would come in play. You want to pay off the minimum each month, not the maximum. You are doing it wrong if you overpay.

2) Amount of CCs isn't really important, it's the credit line on each CC. It's much harder to get 200k in credit than 20 credit cards. Your credit score and income affect the credit lines you get. It also depends on how long you've had the card. Some cards let you increase your credit line automatically after 1-6 months. So if they see that you paid everything on time and have a low debt-to-credit ratio, they will increase your credit lines.
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