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Default Re: Leggo Poker avatars

Hi Guys,

I'd like to chime in here and tell you mt thoughts on the matter.

[/ QUOTE ]

hi. i don't mean to be combative, but.

As of right now, the site is simply a teaser page. As of right now, there is no way I can make any sort of money by people going to the site.

[/ QUOTE ]

that's retarded. which either means you're retarded or you think we are. "hey guys, there's no way that huge piles of potential customers visiting my page before it has a way to pay me right now could make me money. no, really, no way they'd maybe be compelled to come back, you know, when ways to make money are up and running." so yes, while your above quoted is "true" it is not in the spirit of the truth.

Secondly, while the Avatars do display our logo, they don't give off any sort of link, or even the name of the site (some have thought it was for Liquid Poker).

[/ QUOTE ]

i don't know what your logo is or really for that matter care enough to go track it down right now. i'm assuming since they confuse it with liquid poker, it has LP involved. just because your logo is so poorly designed that it's confusable with another large player in your market, doesn't mean that what people are doing isn't free advertising.

Third, once we launch, if the mods agree that it is not fair to put up avatars for it, I will order the team to take them down.

[/ QUOTE ]

personally, as you can see, i think they should go right now, since broader policy has been against free advertising.

IMO this is pretty reasonable, but either way I will cooperate with the decision made.

[/ QUOTE ]

the only thing that makes this have any subtlety to it is that as far as i know, you're in some sort of business relationship with 2p2 at the moment outside of the normal advertising scope, so perhaps prior precedent doesn't natter. but i doubt it.

also, you can perhaps see why it might (i use might because who knows, i could be wrong here) have been a better, less contemptible idea to ask first, instead of "if there's a problem i'll tell the team to take them down.


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