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Default Re: The best o8 nl hi/lo player on full tilt

I think this question can be answered in many correct ways. NL08 is a very tough game as the variance can be very high.

If you want to figure out who has made the most money at NL08 lately then it is definitely Predator, the new master of the all in.

You can also factor in who remains consistent while 12 tabling, and no it's not donkey dave, it would be dorsal fin aka the chirio.

I think the best answer here is who has remained consistent over the last 1+ years. And that would be the names we all recognize everyday, dorsal, davebreal, davemagnum, whothedonk, mustafa, predator, bobbygoren, shortstop, idiot29, game over 73, and countless others I have missed and apologize for not naming.

This post is pretty much pointless, we need to be focused on how to keep our games juicy, not trying to figure out who is the best.

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