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Default Re: Les Miles to Coach Michigan

From the press conference:

"I'll always be a Michigan Man. I'm not going there."

[/ QUOTE ]

strangely enough... this either makes me

a) really admire him for not coming to UM and sticking to his word
b) thinking he's a real scumbag while he takes our job

what a paradox

[/ QUOTE ]

If it becomes apparent that he was secretly negotiating with Michigan in order to leverage more dollars out of LSU while having no intention of taking our job, then I vote to take away his Michigan Man membership card.

Given that LSU is probably headed to the national title game and he's made several blanket denials he'll leave LSU, I've conceded it's time to move on and start fawning over another candidate. Brian Kelly is looking like a longshot because of resume issues. Tedford is similarly unlikely and has had some of the shine taken away after the 1-6 finish to this season.

I guess Schiano is now the most appealing of the 'likely' candidates, although I'll admit I don't even know who the 'likely' candidates are anymore.
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