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Default Re: How to build credit

Also, if someone magically gets your credit report and sees what's going on and holds a negative opinion, it's an opinion that shouldn't be valued. This should be blatantly obvious, but apparently you live your life based on how complete idiots think of you.

[/ QUOTE ]

The problem is that I agree with the way they think. I also would judge someone. So I guess I'm a complete idiot as well.

Given the relative financial position between the complete idiots and the people who think this is a good idea I think I am happier as a complete idiot. I rather be well judged by people with money than by people who are willing to get involved in a scheme like this for a few thousand dollars.

[/ QUOTE ]

A random stranger that knows nothing about, say paintings, and you happen to own a painting worth $1m... he says your painting blows and would be worth less than $200, are you going to cry at night? Is that going to cost you $999,800? No. The problem with all of your retarded scenarios is that somehow, some random gets your credit report. His opinion means NOTHING.

The only people that DO get your credit score will be those qualified to understand it. They will see the entire history, your score, etc. Your credit doesn't suddenly become equal to someone who just filed bankruptcy. You will still have good credit if you started with excellent credit. Also, as noted before, DON'T DO AN APP-O-RAMA IF YOUR CREDIT IS NEEDED AND WILL AFFECT SOMETHING. So your whole point is moot. I also don't think you understand that your credit will be the same or better after you complete an AOR and others will not be able to see that you did one.

Free 6-20k with no trace of "scum" > Paranoia.

You are a very successful troll btw.
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