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Default Re: PLO at Lucky Chances, whats the general opinion right now?

god [censored] damnit.

<swope> hi, are you spreading your plo game tonight?
<desk> pl what now?
<swope> plo.. you had a plo/plo8 game going?
<desk> we havent spread that in years!
<swope> sir you spread it as recently as a couple of months ago.
<desk> no.. not to my knowledge.
<swope> dude it was the 10/10/20 PLO game that started on tuesdays at 3pm and was running daily for a while?!
<desk> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *that* plo game! yeah we stopped spreading it. not enough players.
<swope> .............

so RIP live plo in the bay area i guess.
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