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Default Re: Players in Your Game Getting Angry...

unfortunatly this guy is one of my bosses but if it gets more crazy i'll as both of our boss (who plays too) to say something. he goes off at people about their play and its definitly out of line.

the hand that set him off this time is...

one caller and he is in the Sb, im in the BB. i check with J9 suited and the flop is T96 one of my suite. every one checks and on the turn a blank of my suite comes. i bet thinking i might be good (about half the pot) and get called by my boss in the SB. the river flushes for me and he bets... i raise about 4.5 times his PSB. he freaks and calls yelling about how i lucked into the flush but he has to call.... he flips 87 for a flopped st8 and yells and curses at me for a solid 5 minutes about how i had no business in the hand in the first place... he butchered the recollection of the hand and really weirded everyone out with his tirade....

pretty uncomfortable and kind of a lose lose situation.....
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