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Default Re: KJs live 1/2: TP bet sizing

Did you consider c/r ing flop?
A flop c/r will increases your chances of taking the pot down with a thin holding and mitigates your poor position on later streets.

[/ QUOTE ]

That's not a bad idea and I thought about it briefly.

I don't consider my holding to be relatively thin until I get some information about the other players' reactions. However if I c/r (potsize to $80+) I'm not leaving myself an opportunity to get away from the hand on the flop, esp. with TPGK+gutshot and half my stack in the pot.

Betting out squeezed the player in between from calling with a marginal hand and made absolutely sure it didn't get checked through.
So given that I decided to bet, what do you think of the bet sizes?
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