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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread

If Hawaii is that good, they win in playoffs.

If Hawaii sucks, they get killed first round, discussion over.

[/ QUOTE ]
This argument is illogical for advocating a playoff. If Hawaii is a fraud, they would likely take a playoff spot away from a team that actually had a better chance of winning than they did. It's not like the NCAA basketball tourney where almost any team that has even a remote chance of winning is included. In an 8-team playoff including Hawaii, it would probably exclude ASU and Tennessee would would both beat the [censored] out of Hawaii.

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Going into the season most teams know that if they lose even once that theres a chance they won't get a title shot. Most teams fully expect that if they lose twice that they'll have no title shot. Therefore, I refuse to feel bad for those teams.

[/ QUOTE ]

I agree with this. I also laugh at the people that say "well...the number 2 team in X conference is most likely better than the number 1 team in Y conference." Whatever, win your damn conference and then there isn't a [censored] question. The point of a playoff system isn't to give every "good" team a title shot every year, it's to make sure that every team that has earned a shot, gets it. LSU won the SEC, they deserve a title shot, tOSU won the Big Ten, they deserve a title shot, Oklahoma won the Big 12, they deserve a title shot. If a playoff system gave Hawaii a title shot and Missouri starts whining cuz they think they are better than Hawaii, [censored] YOU! YOU WOULDN'T HAVE A TITLE SHOT IN THE BCS ANYHOW SO JUST WIN YOUR CONFERENCE! AND YOU GET TITLE SHOT! Its a [censored] simple solution.
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