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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread

Clark, stop saying LSU/UGA. A close win won't let LSU jump 3 spots. It will be LSU v. Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl.

And Hawaii just knows how to win.

[/ QUOTE ]

Wait til the ESPN hype machine kicks up. The same thing got Texas in over Cal a few years ago. Georgia's spot is far from safe. Remember, these people have voted LSU #1 twice. Voters love that team, and the "UGA didn't even win their division" hype could get them.

I don't even have an opinion. I do know that both teams would beat the snot out of the Rainbows.

[/ QUOTE ]

Did June Jones not give you a reach around one night or something? Your hate for the WARRIORS is really surprising, considering how awful you think they are. If they really were as bad as you say, you'd think you wouldn't have to validate your own insecurity.
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