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Default Re: Speeding Ticket

lololol. complaining about 100 bucks. I just got a 400 dollar ticket in california. boooo yah, im sure glad we have the highway patrol to "enforce safety". They should just change their name to "tax collection based on who we feel like collecting from". I have been pulled over 4 times, 0 warnings. I have been in a car where a girl got pulled over 3 times and they got 0 tickets. The CHP should literally be shut down and paying out massive class action lawsuits, not given a position of massive power.

example of how legitimate the CHP is:

if you want to submit a complaint they wont allow you to do so through their website, you have to go to their website, print out a form, fill it out and mail it. Making it as complicated as possible for citizens to give feedback to an organization that is supposed to care about safety is just mind boggling and pretty much spot on proof that they know they are doing a miserable job.
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