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Default Speeding Ticket

Beat: Got pulled over for speeding.
Variance: WTF I wasn't speeding!

So last week on my way out of town for Thanksgiving I'm driving down the interstate with my cruise control set at 70. The speed limit is 65. I come over a hill, there's a cop, he pulls out behind me and pulls me over. At this point I'm thinking, "Huh, wasn't speeding, wonder what the problem is."

Anyway, cop tells me I was doing over 80. EXCUSE ME?!?!?!? I say, "That's impossible my cruise control was set at 70." He says he had me going over 80 so he'd have to write me a ticket. He comes back a few minutes later with the ticket and that superior cop attitude, "Ok sir, I cut you a break and only wrote the ticket for 75. To pay it... blah blah blah." He hands me the ticket.

"I've got a question. If I want to fight this what are my options? Because I find it pretty asinine that you come back to my car with a ticket written for faster than I was possibly going and you act like you're doing ME a favor."

"I'm not going to argue with you on the side of the highway." He walks back to his car, gets in, and drives away.

MOTHER [censored]!

So I'm pretty much just screwed right? I've only ever had one ticket (like 6 years ago), which I didn't dispute because I deserved that one. But if I try to fight this, it comes down to my word vs. the cop right? Which means no way I get out of it.

Such [censored] how cops can get away with [censored] like this.
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